Our lab seeks to identify novel biologically active small molecules that modulate the activity of pharmacologically relevant protein or RNA targets.  Our approach is to use computational tools such as in silico de novo design, virtual screening and molecular modeling to identify unique leads. Then, we employ the tools of organic synthesis and combinatorial chemistry to probe structure-activity relationships and optimize compounds for potency, selectivity and oral bioavailability. Where possible we seek to incorporate the use of flow chemistry techniques in our workflow to expand our chemistry tool-box, facilitate library generation and perform scale-up.


Peter Toogood, PhD

Research Assoc. Professor, Medicinal Chemistry
Director, Michigan Drug Discovery

Previous Positions
B.Sc. Imperial College London
Ph.D. Imperial College London (SV Ley)
NATO Postdoctoral fellow, Harvard University (JR Knowles)
Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry, University of Michigan
Senior Research Associate, and Associate Director, Parke-Davis Pharmaceuticals
Associate Research Fellow, Pfizer Worldwide R&D
VP and Snr. VP Chemistry, Lycera Corp

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Thursday, August 12, 2021
Thursday, August 12, 2021