Duxin Sun photo   CORE DIRECTOR Duxin Sun, Ph.D.

   J.G. Searle Endowed Professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences


   ASSISTANT Erika Zucal


   (734) 764-6401



   Associate Professor of Clinical Pharmacy


   (734) 647-0006




Bo Wen photo   CORE MANAGER Bo Wen, Ph.D.


   (734) 615-3470

   Please contact Dr. Wen for information about working with the PK Core.




The PK Core is staffed by a team of skilled personnel to assist you in your drug discovery efforts and other pharmacokinetics needs.


Mass spectrometry and Bioanalysis Team

Bo Wen photo

Bo Wen, Ph.D.

Team Lead

Yanyan Han, Ph.D.

Research Lab Specialist

Praveen Kumar, Ph.D.

Research Fellow

Jeremy Felton, Ph.D.

Research Fellow

Lipeng Dai, Ph.D.

Research Fellow

Lu Wang, Ph.D

Research Fellow

Cai Liu, Ph.D.

Research Fellow

Yang Chen, Ph.D.

Research Fellow

Krishani Rajanayake, Ph.D.

Research Fellow

Pre-Clinical Research


Miao He photo

Miao He, M.B.B.S.

Research Lab Specialist

Huixia Zhang photo

Huixia Zhang, M.S.

Research Tech



PK/PD Modeling Team

Amit Pai, Pharm.D.

Team Lead

Alex - PhD Student

Alex Yu, B.S.

Ph.D. Student, PK Analysis


Data and Communications Team

Matt Lichty, B.A.

Data Programmer & Web Designer

Erika Zucal, M.B.A.

Administrative Coordinator


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Thursday, July 2, 2015
Thursday, July 2, 2015