Overall Role

The laboratory technician in the Pharmacokinetics and Mass Spectrometry Core Facility (PKMS, www.pkcore.org). In this position, the candidates will learn strategies and techniques for LC-MS analysis, drug optimization and lead drug candidate selection, pharmacokinetics and drug metabolism, clinical sample analysis and clinical pharmacokinetics, and mass spectrometry imaging of small molecules, endogenous metabolites, lipids, proteins on tissue sections.

Job Functions

  • Microsomal stability testing using LC-MS & Analyze samples sent to the lab using a variety of techniques, such as Electrospray, MALDI an LCMS
  • Quantitative LC-MS analysis of compounds in biological matrix of preclinical and clinical samples
  • Preclinical and clinical pharmacokinetic analysis
  • Clinical biological sample preparation including plasma and biological fluids
  • Independent preparation of study reports