Mustapha Beleh earned his BS in Pharmaceutical Sciences from Alexandria University, in Egypt, in 1985, and his PhD in Medicinal Chemistry and Pharmacognosy from The Ohio State University in 1992.  He then moved on to South Dakota State University, where he joined the faculty as an assistant professor of Medicinal Chemistry till 1995, when he moved back to Egypt to join Pharco Pharmaceuticals in the role of Director of Research.  Dr. Beleh then joined the Faculty at the University of Michigan College of Pharmacy as a lecturer of Medicinal Chemistry in 1999. 

Dr. Beleh’s research interest is to assess different issues related to pharmaceutical education and currently focuses on evaluating teaching tools and innovative teaching methods in Medicinal Chemistry courses, exploring the use of remedial education, evaluating curricular changes in the PharmD program and uncovering factors that predict student success.

Dr. Beleh is involved in teaching a number of courses. He is the director of education in the medicinal chemistry department, working with faculty, mentoring graduate student instructors, consulting on the BSPS and PhD teaching and coordinating the PharmD curriculum.  In addition to his teaching responsibilities, Dr. Beleh oversees the lecture and active-learning components of all PharmD courses, serves as the lab coordinator of the drug assay course and offers an elective course that focuses on drug discovery and on current issues such as alternative medication, personalized medicine, and global health care.

Research Interests

  • Examining the use of Web-based teaching, including virtual labs, on student learning and satisfaction

  • Evaluating assessment and learning modules in pharmaceutical education

  • Study the role of remediation in pharmaceutical education

  • Diversity and inclusiveness in teaching

  • Asessment of remote versus in-person teaching and assessment in pharmaceutical education


  • 2023 Faculty Appreciation Award, Phi Delta Chi
  • 2022 The last lecture presentation (Golden Apple Award lecture), The University of Michigan
  • 2022 The University of Michigan Golden Apple Award, The University of Michigan
  • 2022 Collegiate Lecturer, The University of Michigan
  • 2021 Faculty Appreciation Award - P1 class, Student Organizations
  • 2020 Faculty Appreciation Award - P2 class, Student Organizations
  • 2020 Faculty Appreciation Award - P1 class, Student Organizations
  • 2019 Teaching Excellence Award, College of Pharmacy
  • 2019 Faculty Appreciation Award, Student Organizations
  • 2017 Students’ Appreciation Award, PDC and PSG
  • 2015 Students’ Appreciation Award, College of Pharmacy, University of Michigan
  • 2014 Students’ Appreciation Award, College of Pharmacy, University of Michigan
  • 2014 Special Recognition for Outstanding Teaching, College of Pharmacy, University of Michigan

Selected Publications

  • DeBiase, C. M., Beleh, M., Bostwick, J. R., Marshall, V. D. and Sweet, B. V. Evaluating Pharmacy Students’ Use of ExamSoft-Generated Strength and Opportunity Reports. Curr Pharm Teach Learn; 2020; 12(12), 1431-1436.

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