Who is a Pharmaceutical Scientist? Unlike students pursuing careers in chemical engineering, bioengineering, formulation or drug delivery, a pharmaceutical scientist is a person who studies nature. Humans are part of nature. Drugs are part of Nature. In my research group, we do not just study FDA approved drugs. We also do not aim to come up with new drugs (something more akin to science fiction) unless we are testing a specific theory or model about our understanding of how existing drugs work. We aim to understand the use of herbs, vitamins, and nutritional supplements, as those entities can be thought of as drugs used to treat specific physiological deficiencies that may arise from the very artificial diet of our culture. We also aim to understand drugs as a manufacturing, supply chain, and engineering feat – as one cannot separate the cure of a disease from the manner in which the treatment can be made available and useful to the population at large. Beyond our current earthly environment, we want to understand how our cosmic condition, such as the force of gravity, atmospheric pressure, our body temperature or even the liquid state of water in our own bodies are factors influencing the manner in which drugs work.


Our goal is to learn, to think freely and independently from accidental, historical constraints, in order to open up our imagination to unfettered creativity and to transcend the constraints that are imposed upon us by the political and organizational power structures in which we are embedded. (consider cutting - and that arise simply because of our current, serendipitous existence in this place and time.) It is our intention that the relevance of our scientific discoveries will outlive us by centuries, if not millennia.

The Rosania lab focuses on six key areas. Learn more about these research interests and publications via the links below.

Research Interests


  • 2020 UM Faculty Impact Award Nominee, UM
  • 2018 American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists Fellow, AAPS
  • 2007 Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers, US Government
  • 2004 Exterior Colombia Award for Excellence in the USA, Colombia Exterior