Catherine Christen is a Clinical Assistant Professor at the University of Michigan College of Pharmacy and a Clinical Pharmacist at University of Michigan Health System where her primary duties are with the Gynecology Oncology inpatient service and clinic. She received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Chemistry from Humboldt State University prior to graduating from the School of Pharmacy at the University of California San Francisco with a Doctorate in Pharmacy. She completed a pharmacy residency (PGY1) in Hospital Pharmacy from the University of Michigan. In addition to the didactic teaching of nursing and pharmacy students, Dr. Christen serves as a preceptor for pharmacy students and residents.

Research Interests

  • Medication safety and adverse drug effect monitoring

  • Hazardous drug and chemotherapy handling practices and safety measures

Selected Publications

  • Levy HB, Marcus EL, Christen C. Beyond the Beers Criteria: a comparative overview of explicit criteria. Ann Pharmacother. 2010;44:1968-75.

  • Christen C. Appendix A: Polypharmacy in Palliative Care. Esper P, Kuebler KK (eds). In: Palliative Practices From A to Z for the Bedside Clinician, 2nd ed. Pittsburgh: Oncology Nursing Society. 2008:pages 271-6.

  • Christen C. A history of medication errors published over the last forty years. Ann Pharmacother. 2006; 40:2020-1.