Azadeh is a versatile professional, holding degrees in both computer engineering and pharmacy. A proud graduate of the University of Michigan pharmacy school in 2015, she brings a unique blend of technical and pharmaceutical expertise to her roles. Azadeh has navigated various facets of the pharmacy landscape, gaining valuable experience in managed care, community pharmacy, and academia.

‏Her passion lies in enhancing patient outcomes through a focus on medication adherence and medication therapy management. Azadeh is committed to finding innovative ways to improve healthcare practices. However, amidst her diverse experiences, teaching has emerged as the most fulfilling aspect of her career. As an educator at heart, she thrives on the opportunity to simplify complex concepts and make them accessible to students. Azadeh's dedication to breaking down challenging subjects reflects her genuine commitment to fostering learning and understanding in the academic setting.

‏Azadeh is thrilled to bring her wealth of knowledge and passion for education to the College of Pharmacy, University of Michigan. Excited about the prospect of contributing to the academic community, she eagerly anticipates the opportunity to inspire and guide the next generation of pharmacy professionals.