Content Updated on August 2, 2022

This page contains important information and resources to assist you in navigating through the current U-M and College of Pharmacy precautions during COVID-19. Please check back to this page often as the content will be updated regularly with new information and resources.


Up-to-date information on vaccination, prevention, testing, monitoring, and FAQ's for students.



Students are encouraged to use this Q&A page to ask the COP Administration any questions and/or concerns regarding the upcoming Fall 2021 academic term.


  • Facilities assistance:  Stasi Mehaffey 734-615-6241
  • IT assistance:  4-HELP (734-764-4357)
  • Non-911 emergencies after hours, including urgent maintenance issues:  U-M Dept. of Public Safety & Security 734-763-1131
  • Counseling & Psychological Svcs. for Students:  734-764-8312
Current Updates and Resources during COVID-19

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Thursday, March 12, 2020
Thursday, March 12, 2020
  • Classes

    Academic Calendar: The fall and winter academic calendar dates are available HERE.

  • Exams

    Refer to class syllabi on Canvas or the Student Event Calendar for details on whether class exams will be held in-person and remote.

  • Report Online and Remote Learning Concerns

    Please use this form to provide feedback about the transition to online/ remote teaching (questions, concerns, or feedback more broadly):

  • Lifelong Learning (LLL) & Shadowing Requirements


    In-person shadowing is permitted, based on site policies. Students are strongly encouraged to conduct their shadowing in-person. In the instance in-person shadowing is not available at a particular site, please coordinate a Zoom meeting with your P4, pharm phamily advisor, or another mentor (including a pharmacy resident, if available) to discuss work experience, exciting rotations, or other questions you may have about their patient care, pharmacy practice, teaching, or research setting.

    Health Promotion Events

    Health promotion events will resume for the 2022-2023 academic year and are required for P1-P3 students. Given the evolving pandemic, students are strongly encouraged to sign up and participate in these events as soon as possible.

  • APPEs & IPPEs

    Please refer to emails sent from the Office of Experiential Education through CORE/ELMS regarding the current status of APPE and IPPE rotations.

  • PharmD Investigations

    P4 studentsResearch Forum is planned to be held in-person in the NCRC Dining Hall on February 10, 2023.  All P4 students are required to attend and present their research posters.

    P1 Students:  All P1 students must participate in the virtual PharmD Investigation (PDI) Networking event during Research Forum on Feburary 10, 2023.  The purpose of the networking event is for P1 students to learn about the types of research the faculty are doing in their careers and to learn about whether they would like to partner with them for a PharmD Investigations project. 

  • Study Groups

    Students are invited to participate in facilitator-led study groups:

    • P1 Study Groups (6): P512 Therapeutics; MC500 and MC510 Medicinal Chemistry/Pharmacology; PS508 and PS518 Pharmaceutical Science; and P514 Calculations
    • P2 Study Groups (5): P602 and P612 Therapeutics; MC600 and MC610 Medicinal Chemistry/Pharmacology; PS608 Pharmaceutical Science
    • P3 Study Groups (2): P702 and P712 Therapeutics

    Applying for the program requires your commitment to a 2-hour study group session each week for the full semester. Weekly meeting times will be determined by group members and the facilitator.

    Please contact Dean Bostwick ( with any questions or concerns.

    • Student Organizations and Events Guidance

      Guidance from Central Campus on Student Org COVID Restrictions

      • Refer to the the Student Life Campus Involvement website for current information.
      • As COVID trends continue to ebb and flow, University policy related to students and student organizations remains in flux, so please make sure you are referring to the Maize and Blueprint site for the most up-to-date information.
      • Student organizations, for the most part, will be following state/local/business guidelines for wherever the event is located. Face coverings are still required in patient-care settings in healthcare areas. Students MUST have been vaccinated and self-reported their vaccine status through WolverineAccess and complete ResponsiBlue when the event is taking place. 
      • In-person events are allowed, but be careful of where the event is taking place, and if that specific location requires the use of face coverings and social distancing.

      We all must act in a manner that demonstrates respect, safety, and care for others to ensure the well-being of our community.

      Questions or concerns? Please contact Dean Bostwick ( or  Ms. Ferguson ( early and often if you are planning an event. Your compliance with University's event policies is more important than ever to help keep our community safe.

    • College Resources

      Remote Student Resources - highlighted computing resources to help navigate the vast amount of computing on campus

      ExamSoft - Examplify Support

      Zoom Videoconferencing at U-M

    • Personal Support and Resources

      Domestic Student Health Insurance Plan (DSHIP)

      U-M Libraries: Simplifying Access to Research Journals While Off Campus

      Food Resources

      If you are concerned about food, M&B Pantry still is serving our students in need of food, for those who are remaining on campus for financial/personal reasons.  There are additional resources highlighted on the Food Gatherer’s website as well:

      Housing Issues

      If anyone is experiencing any housing issues/concerns please let Dean Nelson know.  Also, if anyone has room to host a classmate that does have a housing issue, or knows of available short term housing options, please let Dean Nelson know.

      International Students and PostDocs

      For international students, today the International Center launched a new resource page on COVID-19 resources for international students.  This is a good place to go for any immigration and status questions.

      Well-Being Resources

      CAPS Mental Health Care Package: Coping with COVID-19 - resources for self-care

      Coping Skills and Emotional Well-Being Practices

      Adjusting Your Study Habits During COVID

      Maintain Your Emotional Well-being During COVID-19

      CAPS Services