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This page contains important information and resources to assist you in navigating through the current U-M and College of Pharmacy precautions during COVID-19. Please check back to this page often as the content will be updated regularly with new information and resources.


Up-to-date information on vaccination, testing & monitoring, FAQ's for students.


Students are encouraged to use this Q&A page to ask the COP Administration any questions and/or concerns regarding the upcoming Fall 2020 academic term.


(Updated Oct 2020) - During the Shelter in Place Emergency Order, this letter is to be used to ensure you have the ability to get to IPPE/APPE sites or to any health-care work. Please print out this letter, add your name and UMID to it and carry it with you whenever you leave your house to do one of these essential activities.  (link will direct you to the internal MyCOP webpage, click on PharmD student letter)


  • Facilities assistance:  Pat Greeley 734-647-2365 or cell 734-274-0839
  • IT assistance:  4-HELP (734-764-4357)
  • Non-911 emergencies after hours, including urgent maintenance issues:  U-M Dept. of Public Safety & Security 734-763-1131
  • Counseling & Psychological Svcs. for Students:  734-764-8312
Current Updates and Resources during COVID-19

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Thursday, March 12, 2020
Thursday, March 12, 2020
  • Classes

    Academic Calendar: The fall and winter academic calendar dates are available HERE. Important points to note on the calendar:

    • Winter term (2021): late start on Jan 19th, elimination of spring break, last day of classes 4/20, and finals 4/22, 23, 26-29.

    Fall Pharmacy Class Schedule: Class schedules have been adjusted, as needed, to accommodate hybrid and synchronous remote teaching. A complete list of classes can be found HERE.

  • Exams

    Exam Schedule Update: Classrooms for exams have been requested based on the consolidated exam schedule that was developed with PharmD course coordinators. We hope to hear back about room availability by early August. Exam dates will have to be adjusted, as needed, if rooms are not available on the days/times that were requested. As a reminder, all exams given after November 20th will be given remote in all programs.

  • Report Online and Remote Learning Concerns

    Please use this form to provide feedback about the transition to online/ remote teaching (questions, concerns, or feedback more broadly):

  • Lifelong Learning (LLL) & Shadowing Requirements


    Please coordinate a Zoom/BlueJeans meeting with your P4, pharm phamily advisor, or another mentor (including a pharmacy resident, if available) to discuss work experience, exciting rotations, or other questions you may have about their patient care, pharmacy practice, teaching, or research setting.

    Health Promotion Events

    Pharmacy Community Connect Day is one example of a health promotion activity that we have made the decision to cancel in the year ahead. To align with this decision, we will not be holding required health promotion/community-based events in the upcoming academic year, as previously required within the Lifelong Learning course. All students with outstanding health promotion (IPPE) hours from last year must complete these, and we will work with you directly to safely do so. We are taking this step to remove this requirement to minimize large group gatherings involving patients and students. Services being conducted at medical clinics, including the Hope Clinic, Student Run Free Clinic, and HUDA, for example, may still continue in these more controlled settings with specific appointment times. Please be assured that by canceling these events we are ensuring students will have the required number of IPPE hours to start rotations and for graduation.

  • APPEs & IPPEs

    Please refer to emails sent from the Office of Experiential Education through CORE/ELMS regarding the current status of APPE and IPPE rotations.

  • PharmD Investigations

    P4 studentsYour final approved PDI manuscript is due by November 15, 2020.

    P3 Students:  Be sure to be in contact with your PDI advisor if your research requires IRB approval or involves contact with human subjects.

    P2 Students:  Students must identify a faculty advisor and complete the course enrollment by October 15th of the P2 year. To enroll in the PDI courses, students should send an email to faculty advisor and copy Liz Woods ( using the following email template:

    Dear Dr. <faculty advisor>,

    Thank you for agreeing to be the faculty advisor for my PharmD Investigation. In order for me to enroll in the course, I need you to reply to all on this email (include Liz Woods) and say that you agree to be my faculty advisor. This will set in motion my enrollment in the course.

    <Student Name>
    P2, PharmD Candidate

  • Study Groups

    Students are invited to participate in facilitator-led study groups for P1 PharmSci, P1 Calculations, P2 MedChem, P2 Therapeutics, P2 PharmSci, and P3 Therapeutics. Students of all abilities are encouraged to apply so that we can create groups with diverse abilities and backgrounds. Applying for the program requires your commitment to a 2-hour study group session each week for the full semester with the facilitator. Most courses have two weekly sessions to choose from. To apply, look for an email around September 4.

    Please contact Dean Bostwick ( with any questions or concerns.

    • Student Organizations and Events Guidance

      As of 7/17/20:

      As planning for the Fall semester continues, here is an important resource for guidance for student organization safety measures. Highlights are below, but this link will be kept up to date and is a good point of reference.

      • All organizations should adapt meetings, events, and experiences into virtual formats whenever possible.
      • Indoor or outdoor events/meetings may not exceed the State of Michigan and U-M capacity limits.
        • Each event/meeting (indoor and outdoor) must adhere to public safety measures of 6 feet physical distance, ensure hand sanitizing stations are available, limit and monitor touchpoints, and require face coverings for all participants.
      • The University of Michigan requires all students, staff, faculty, and visitors to wear a face-covering that covers the mouth and nose while anywhere on campus grounds. This includes when inside buildings, outdoors, and on U-M transportation.
      • Signage must be posted at in-person events reminding participants of public safety measures.
      • Organizations must collect and keep accurate attendance records of participation at in-person events/programs/meetings.
      • No travel is permitted for any student organization business.
      • No guests should be brought to campus.

      We all must act in a manner that demonstrates respect, safety, and care for others to ensure the well-being of our community.

      Questions or concerns? Please contact Dean Bostwick ( or  Ms. Ferguson ( and I have been meeting with each student org e-board, but please contact us early and often if you are planning an event. Your compliance with College event policies is more important than ever to help keep our community safe. We want to re-emphasize the importance of the Student Event Proposal Form, so that we can review, ensure everyone’s safety, and problem solve as needed.

    • College Resources

      Remote Student Resources - highlighted computing resources to help navigate the vast amount of computing on campus

      ExamSoft - Examplify Support

      Muting BlueJeans for Remote Synchronous Class Sessions

      Zoom Videoconferencing at U-M

    • Personal Support and Resources

      Domestic Student Health Insurance Plan (DSHIP)

      U-M Libraries: Simplifying Access to Research Journals While Off Campus

      Food Resources

      If you are concerned about food, M&B Pantry still is serving our students in need of food, for those who are remaining on campus for financial/personal reasons.  There are additional resources highlighted on the Food Gatherer’s website as well:

      Housing Issues

      If anyone is experiencing any housing issues/concerns please let Dean Nelson know.  Also, if anyone has room to host a classmate that does have a housing issue, or knows of available short term housing options, please let Dean Nelson know.

      International Students and PostDocs

      For international students, today the International Center launched a new resource page on COVID-19 resources for international students.  This is a good place to go for any immigration and status questions.

      Well-Being Resources

      CAPS Mental Health Care Package: Coping with COVID-19 - resources for self-care

      Coping Skills and Emotional Well-Being Practices

      Adjusting Your Study Habits During COVID

      Maintain Your Emotional Well-being During COVID-19

      CAPS Services