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This page contains important information and resources to assist you in navigating through the current U-M and College of Pharmacy precautions during COVID-19.

Please check back to this page often as the content will be updated regularly with new information and resources.


(link will direct you to the internal MyCOP webpage, click on Student related info)
During the Shelter in Place Emergency Order for Michigan, this letter is to be used to ensure you have the ability to get to IPPE/APPE sites or to any health-care work. Please print out this letter, add your name and UMID to it and carry it with you whenever you leave your house to do one of these essential activities.  


Students are encouraged to use this Q&A page to ask the COP Administration any questions and/or concerns regarding the upcoming Fall 2020 academic term.

Current Updates and Resources during COVID-19

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Thursday, March 12, 2020
Thursday, March 12, 2020
  • Current Communications Updates

    June 6, 2020 11:54AM - College of Pharmacy Update from Bruce Mueller

    May 5, 2020 3:52PM - Winter 2020 Grading Follow-up and Request to Unmask Grades and GPA Calculations from Crystal Gregory

    April 28, 2020 4:40PM - Extension of Stay Home, Stay Safe Order and an Update on U-M's Future Plans from President Schlissel

  • Classes

    More information will be added once the University of Michigan has fully developed the plan for the Fall 2020 academic term.

  • Exams

    More information will be added once the University of Michigan has fully developed the plan for the Fall 2020 academic term.

  • Report Online and Remote Learning Concerns

    Please use this form to provide feedback about the transition to online/ remote teaching (questions, concerns, or feedback more broadly):

  • Lifelong Learning (LLL) & Shadowing Requirements

    This Google doc identifies several options for ways students may fulfill missing LLL requirements. With the exception of Health Promotion, all other domain requirements not already completed, should be completed no later than July 1, 2020.


    Please coordinate a Zoom/BlueJeans meeting with your P4, pharm phamily advisor, or another mentor (including a pharmacy resident, if available) to discuss work experience, exciting rotations, or other questions you may have about their patient care, pharmacy practice, teaching, or research setting.

    Health Promotion

    Due to limits with COVID, deadlines for meeting this domain requirement will be extended until adequate opportunities exist. As opportunities arise, we will contact individuals who have this requirement outstanding. 

    As a reminder, below are the requirements for health promotion and two hours per year are expected. Since these hours count toward IPPE, therefore it is critical we uphold the expectations outlined below.

    Health Promotion

    To promote health to individuals and/or populations

    Student must interact directly with an audience of 1 or more people in the community to provide education or health services.

    ·   Educational events (e.g., schools, nursing homes)

    ·   Immunization clinics

    ·   Health fairs/screenings (e.g., BP, DM)

  • APPEs & IPPEs

    Please refer to emails sent from the Office of Experiential Education through CORE/ELMS regarding the current status of APPE and IPPE rotations.

  • PharmD Investigations

    SAVE-THE-DATE for Research Forum - Friday, February 12, 2021


    P4 studentsYour final approved PDI manuscript is due by November 15th, 2020.

    P3 Students:  Be sure to be in contact with your PDI advisor if your research requires IRB approval or involves contact with human subjects.

    P2 Students:  Students must identify a faculty advisor and complete the course enrollment by October 15th of the P2 year. To enroll in the PDI courses, students should send an email to faculty advisor and copy Liz Woods ( using the following email template:

    Dear Dr. <faculty advisor>,

    Thank you for agreeing to be the faculty advisor for my PharmD Investigation. In order for me to enroll in the course, I need you to reply to all on this email (include Liz Woods) and say that you agree to be my faculty advisor. This will set in motion my enrollment in the course.

    <Student Name>
    P2, PharmD Candidate

  • Study Groups

    More information will be added once the University of Michigan has fully developed the plan for the Fall 2020 academic term.

    Please contact Dean Bostwick ( with any questions or concerns.

  • Student Organizations and Events Guidance

    More information will be added once the University of Michigan has fully developed the plan for the Fall 2020 academic term, but until then here is some information for us all to consider given the uncertainties that lie ahead.

    It is almost certain that business for our student organizations will not be “as usual” for the foreseeable future. For example:

    • Capacity at the College of Pharmacy for events, meetings, etc. is likely to be more restricted than usual.
      • Students are unlikely to be able to gather in groups of more than 20-30 people.
      • Access to the College of Pharmacy building will be more limited than usual. Building access for co-curricular activities will likely be unavailable between the hours of 7am and 5pm (including lunch meetings) so we can prioritize access for teaching and research.
    • Funding will be impacted. Budget discussions will occur over the summer.
    • Organizations will need to consider virtual access and ensure this is equitable.
    • Recruitment is going to look different and will likely need to occur virtually. We are considering this in orientation planning.

    We must focus on the safety of our students and our community.

    While dealing with uncertainty is difficult, please be assured the College will do all it can to continue to support our students and organizations. We will continue to gather information on how we can best accomplish our goals while ensuring the safety of our students and our community. For all events (excluding general meetings), the student organization event proposal form must be completed, even if the event is virtual or has been approved in years past.

    If you have not started conversations with your members, leaders, and advisors to consider priorities and how the year ahead may look, please begin these conversations. This Critical Uncertainties activity may be a useful template for you to get started. Please engage Ms. Caitlin Ferguson ( when applicable.

    Please communicate plans with your advisor & Dean Bostwick (

  • College Resources and Support

    Student Resources

    COP Facility:  Students should no longer use rooms at the College of Pharmacy for studying.  Please see Governor Whitmer Executive Order  "Stay Home, Stay Safe".

    Computer Support:  Campus and college IT support will continue to be available. 

    Muting BlueJeans for Remote Synchronous Class Sessions

    Zoom Videoconferencing at U-M

    ExamSoft - Examplify Support

    COP ITS – Tutorials & Documentation

  • Additional Resources

    Domestic Student Health Insurance Plan (DSHIP)

    U-M Libraries: Simplifying Access to Research Journals While Off Campus

    Food Resources

    If you are concerned about food, M&B Pantry still is serving our students in need of food, for those who are remaining on campus for financial/personal reasons.  There are additional resources highlighted on the Food Gatherer’s website as well:

    Housing Issues

    If anyone is experiencing any housing issues/concerns please let Dean Nelson know.  Also, if anyone has room to host a classmate that does have a housing issue, or knows of available short term housing options, please let Dean Nelson know.

    International Students and PostDocs

    For international students, today the International Center launched a new resource page on COVID-19 resources for international students.  This is a good place to go for any immigration and status questions.

    Well-Being Resources

    CAPS Mental Health Care Package: Coping with COVID-19 - resources for self-care

    Coping Skills and Emotional Well-Being Practices

    Adjusting Your Study Habits During COVID

    Maintain Your Emotional Well-being During COVID-19

    CAPS Services