February 24, 2020

February 14th marked the 2020 College of Pharmacy Research Forum. Pharmd, PhD, Post-Doctoral Fellows, and BSPS students from the College gathered to display their posters and present their research to the U-M community. Faculty, and alumni also organized a panel discussion to offer career options and advice to current and prospective students. During the afternoon, P1 students had the chance to network and “interview” faculty memebers to discover the types of research opportunities they offer for PharmD Investigations. This is the main netowrking event hosted by the colelge for P1 students. 


McGlone Awards were presented to PharmD and PhD Students as follow --


PharmD award

Liane Kuo with a poster presentation entitled “Effort to Reduce Concomitant Antiplatelet Use in Anticoagulated Patients with Atrial Fibrillation”

Advisor: Dr. Nghi Ha


Sarah Choi with a poster presentation entitled “The Impact of Completing Medication Reconciliation and Depression Treatment History in an Outpatient Depression Clinic”

Advisor: Assistant Dean Jolene Bostwick


PhD Award


1st placeKatie Cavanagh with a poster presentation entitled "Cocrystal Solubility Advantage Diagrams, Additive Selection, and Drug Supersaturation- Precipitation Behavior"

Advisor: Dr. Nair Rodriguez-Horeado   


2nd placeDr. Simone Brisius-Anderko with a poster presentation entitled "Structural and Functional Insights into Aldosterone Synthase Interaction with Ligands and Redox Partner Proteins for Enhanced Treatment of Hypertension"

Major Advisor: Dr. Emily Scott               


3rd placeRobert Hohlman with a poster presentation entitled "Biosynthesis of Unnatural Hapalindole Derivatives for Antibiotic Development"

Major Advisor: Dr. David Sherman