March 15, 2023
Virtual Event
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We recognize every student’s journey is unique. With your support we will continue to empower these extraordinary minds and support them where and when they need it most.

Visit our Giving Blueday page to hear more about Salena’s journey to pursuing higher education in pharmacy and how it all started through her experience as a patient. Like Salena, many students seek a pharmacy education because of personal experiences deeply rooted in healthcare and research.

Today, your gift to the College’s Annual Fund could offset stressful expenses for one of our P1 students, who is embarking on their 4-year research project. That gift also has the potential to buy new lab equipment for a pharmaceutical sciences graduate student working with new technologies for drug delivery.

And while these are just two examples of the endless impact your gift could have – you are creating a ripple effect of support that will help generations of pharmacists and researchers to come.

Make a gift today!