1. Electronic Suggestion and Solution Box: https://goo.gl/forms/c5Pz4b0slgyBQI2q2
Please use this form to suggest big or small things related to AAPS, the department, or the college.  Small things like "please provide more vegetarian options at journal club by ordering cheese pizza" may be immediately resolved; bigger issues related to the curriculum, GSI experiences, recruitment, etc. can be brought to the Town Hall (we are in the process of scheduling one for PharmSci only in October).  You can choose whether you would like to be anonymous, but please remember we may ask for clarification of certain issues during the Town Hall.  We will not consider suggestions that do not include proposed solutions.
       2. Professionalism Concern Note (PCN): https://pharmacy.umich.edu/mycop/student-business/concern-note
Filing a professional concern note (PCN) is one way to report "instances or patterns of substandard professional behavior" by another COP student or staff member.  This would include things such as plagiarism, hate speech, sexual harassment, etc.  Further details about PCNs are well explained in the link.  PCNs are reviewed by Dean Bostwick, who will contact you after receiving the electronic submission to schedule an in person meeting.  Importantly, PCNs will remain confidential unless you give permission (or in rare serious cases where there may be legal consequences for the perpetrator).  At this time, the form does not allow you to choose to report concerns with PhD students.  If you would like to file a PCN concerning another PhD student, you may directly email Deans Bostwick (jkingsbu@umich.edu) or Ellingrod (vellingr@umich.edu) with all the information in the form.  You may also email Dean Bostwick if you have any further questions about this form or this process.
If you have any questions or concerns about either of these forms at any time during this academic year, please also feel free to contact the president.

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Friday, October 5, 2018
Friday, October 5, 2018