Executive Board 2020-2021
Position Name Leadership Role






Ahmad Jaradat

Jawad Ghacham


The President and President-elect are responsible for the AAPA and its success. They delegate responsibility and oversee all events. 


Vice President


Hussien Jeafar

The Vice President attends all meetings and functions and assumes duties of the President in their absence. The Vice President also ensures the performance of the organization. 





Afrah Alamery


The Secretary is responsible for keeping records and ensuring the accuracy of organization memberships, forms, and paperwork.





Alle Hoover


The Treasurer is responsible for maintaining AAPA's financial affairs. 


Directors of External Affairs



Safaa Nagi

Dunia Oweis


The DEA will be responsible for planning and assigning duties for community outreach events and external fundraisers. 


Director of Student Affairs



Nadine Saad


The Director of Student Affairs is responsible for communicating with other student organizations at the COP and liaison for PPSO.


Social Coordinator





The Social Coordinator is responsible for networking with other organizations on campus and is the main contact for incoming P1 students. 


Alumni Liaison



Emma Neema


The Alumni Liasion is responsible to maintain regular communication with former AAPA members and the mentorship program. 



Faculty Advisors



Dr. Mustapha Beleh
Dr. Caitlin Ferguson
Dr. Rima Mohammad


The Advisors provide counsel to the board officers, attend meetings, advise the organizations on policies and assist with decision-making. 


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Thursday, July 9, 2020