Abstract Submission for Poster Presenters

An Abstract must be prepared in English. Only one abstract as presenting author can be submitted. Names of presenting authors can be included as a co-author in other presentations.

Abstract must be prepared using the template.
Download the abstract template.

Your abstract should be sent to BABE office by e-mail (babe@pharm.setsunan.ac.jp). A MS-Word file is acceptable for the abstract. The file name should be "Last name-First name-affiliation.docx". The abstract should be submitted before April 30th, 2021. We will send the e-mail about acceptance of your presentation by the end of May 31st. If you did not receive the acceptance e-mail, please contact the office by e-mail.

The following information should be included in the e-mail when you submit the abstract:

  1. Presenting (contact) author’s name, affiliation, category (General/Student)
  2. Presenting (contact) author’s contact information (Address, telephone number, e-mail address etc.)
  3. Do you want to apply for oral presentation? (Yes/No)

If “Yes”, your abstract is reviewed by BABE programing committee. If your paper is selected for the oral presentation, the time schedule of your oral presentation will be informed from BABE2020 office by June 30th.

  1. Estimated date for the registration payment.

Pre-registration is required for the poster presentation. Without the pre-registration, your poster presentation will be canceled.


Guidelines for the poster presentation, for example, the maximum size allocated for each poster, will be informed later by e-mail.

If you need any assistance, do not hesitate to contact with BABE office (babe@pharm.setsunan.ac.jp).

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